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Spectra Logic

With years of experience working in a corporate marketing department, Spectra has seen the ins and outs of creating campaigns that get results. Whether they needed print materials, digital ads, trade-show graphics, video production, website maintenance, or SEO services, I helped create a comprehensive design strategy & brand for them that exceeded expectations.


Developed multiple campaigns for product releases, corporate kickoffs, podcasts, trade-show seasons, and B2C asset needs. For Spectra, they needed graphics that specialized in creating marketing campaigns that drive sales and built brand recognition among the data community. 


Spectra Logic has long stressed the importance of “Genetic Diversity” in data storage — don’t trust one media type with all your data. These ideas were further developed further in a book that looks at protecting all the information in society with an evolutionary approach to preserving it. I was tasked with formatting, creating graphics, and publishing, “Society’s Genome: Genetic Diversity’s Role in Digital Preservation.”


Used critical thinking and design strategy to create trade-show campaigns and booth graphics that left a lasting impression. These designs highlighted Spectra was dedicated to helping their clients' businesses grow by developing creative data solutions.


Video editing done with Spectra Logic consisted of corporate videos, podcast animations, and GIFs for social media campaigns.

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